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Pre-Interview Wrap-up and Hails

Posted in Misc. with tags , , , , , on 6 December, 2007 by robonator

Hey everyone! real quick-like, I’d like to explain just how I got the interview with Mr. Dr. Thomas Kelly Jessup Ph.D County Coroner.

It wasn’t easy!

First of all, coroners are hard dudes to get up with! It took me almost twelve minutes to find it on Google. That’s an eternity, I know! Guys, I had to deal with the most confused secretary ever. Like, I’m surprised she knew that she had a secretaryship to a coroner.

Come on lady!

Then I had to set up an interview appointment. She was all wanting me to come in next month at some ridiculous time in the afternoon. I said “No Way!” (Both words capitalized yeah!) I negotiated a good time, then I asked if I could bring my camera right, so you all can see how awesome it will be and she was like “No Way!” (It sucks being on the receiving end, robros!) I can bring in a tape recorder, so tonight’s article is gonna be kind of wonky. I like that word. Wonky. Like wacky, but even wackier! Okay.

Also, I’m pretty psyched to announce that a long time friend of mine has agreed to come on board part time to write for us! Sweet! She’s like a biology major so she dissects cats and frogs and dead dudes all day! Awesome. Okay, probably not I’ve been made aware, but biology is still pretty rad. She’s way smarter than me, guys, so I hope you can get on up to her level because she’s also an awesome writer! Her name is [ROBINATOR] and she should be officially starting here maybe in like a week? Maybe a week and a half. Guys when she shows up give her mad love and write her lots of love letters and fan mail! She loves it!

I’ll see everyone tonight when I take you deep into the heart of county coroner hell! See you then!