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Caught Blogging! [ROBONATOR]'s biggest crime is giving YOU the tools to succeed. And larceny.

Alright guys, way to find it to the About Me page! Give yourself a big pat on the back. Way to go. ROBONATOR Brand isn’t something you should just dive on into. It’s like icy cold water at the YMCA pool your mom takes you to for swimming lessons, but you want to just kind of creep on in thank you the water is freezing this early in the morning but the swim instructor keep blowing that whistle saying the class is going to start in two minutes and if you aren’t in the pool you get a zero for the day’s participation grade – even if you DO participate. Man! So here are some questions I thought up that someone might want to know! If you’ve got a question feel free to send it in so I can add it and let others enjoy your masterful befuddlery. (I think I made that last word up)

Q: What’s this ROBONATOR thing?

A: ROBONATOR shares with you his unique perspective and also rates and reviews things that you might care about. He does some sweet interviews as well, you should really check them out.


A: The guy with the robot head. That’s him. He’s pretty cool. He likes vintage kung-fu movies, Audie Murphy, open countryside, Mountain Dew, biscotti, and uncovering the truth so you are more informed.

Q: Yeah, but who is the guy wearing the robot mask?

A: What?

Q: How often will ROBONATOR update?

A: ROBONATOR tries to maintain an article a day, but sometimes his assignments run longer than even he can plan. Rest assured he won’t allow more than a couple days to pass without some fresh material.

Q: Why ROBONATOR, why wordpress, and why now?

A: ROBONATOR is a classy name, and he is classy robot with style and aplomb for days. ROBONATOR was previously featured on http://www.maru.thisismybutt.com, but it was hidden away on the message board and no one really paid attention so he moved out! I guess I just answered that third part, huh?

Q: Why do you keep addressing “Maru” in your articles?

A: Maru is short for Matt and Aru, two dudes who started that website previously mentioned. Now that he’s on wordpress he can start addressing you guys as Robros, which he coined a little while ago while on the toilet. It’s a great place to think!

Q: Here’s a question: why don’t you quit doing this and go be normal, you freaking weirdo!

A: I’ll get on it as soon as I finish writing about “The Terrors of Airport Security: They don’t use lube.”

Q: How do I get in contact with you to tell you to your handsome robot face you’re a freaking weirdo?

A: Hey! I can be found on IRC most of the time. I’m on IRCHighway, in #maru. If you hate real time chats then shoot an email to robo.nator@yahoo.com. Barring all that, you can come over to my place at:

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Q: Pizza Hut or Domino’s?

A: This is tricky. Both pizzas stand on their own merits; the Pizza Hut’s deep dish and hand-tossed style crusts are always fresh and warm, and the Domino’s topping are sublime. This is all about the minor details, as Domino’s offer garlic sauces and have a wider delivery radius and Pizza Hut’s ‘Lovers’ option isn’t something to take for granted. If you need a decisive choice, go with whichever serves your favorite soda. That usually makes or breaks a dining experience for me.

Okay everyone, now that we’re all introduced we can get down to the turnips and you can start reading some articles.


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